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Mobility Series (2/3): How To Choose A Wheelchair

Guest post by The Golden Concepts

The thought of buying a wheelchair may seem simple, but there are actually many things to consider. In order to prevent being overwhelmed over the wide selection of wheelchairs available, here is a guide to help you select the right one.

Wheelchair or Pushchair?

Firstly, the most important step that many people miss out is choosing between a wheelchair and a pushchair.

Wheelchairs have larger rear wheels, meaning that users can self-propel. However, it is heavier and bulkier. Pushchairs on the other hand have smaller rear wheels, meaning that they are lighter and more portable. They are meant for people who require caregiver assistance.

Here is a short summary of the differences between a wheelchair and pushchair:

4 Things to Look Out For When You Buy a Wheelchair (or Pushchair)

Once you have selected a suitable type of wheelchair, you are now ready to select your wheelchair. Here is a list of things you may want to look out for in order to choose the perfect wheelchair.

1. Price vs. Quality

Find something within your budget but also consider its durability and quality as this is after

all a safety product for your loved one. Wheelchairs that are priced too low and sound too good to be true probably are. Read verified reviews from other users before purchasing.

2. Features

Each wheelchair has different features to suit each users' differing needs.

Here are some factors you should consider:

A. Basic

A basic wheelchair should at least come with detachable footrests and a foldable backrest so that it can be folded compact to fit in the car boot. Some wheelchairs do not have detachable footrests so they end up taking up a lot of space.

HappyWheels Easy Chair Lightweight Wheelchair

B. Comfort

For those who tend to sit for longer periods of time on their wheelchair, you may want to prioritise user comfort and choose wheelchairs with added features that help to:

Promote ergonomic posture

  • Curved armrests

  • Angled backrests

Enable the user to be wheeled right up to a table for meals

  • Adjustable armrests

HappyWheels Lightweight Ergonomic Pushchair

C. Special features

Different wheelchairs have different features to suit your needs.

Detachable armrest and footrest

  • Allows for easy transfer from wheelchair to another seat. Suitable for less mobile users who require caregiver assistance.

HappyWheels Lightweight Detachable Pushchair


  • If you own a car, make sure that the wheelchair is compact enough to be able to fit into the car boot.

HappyWheels Easy Chair Lightweight Wheelchair

  • Some wheelchairs are designed for travelling and are often extremely lightweight and portable, however they may be less comfortable compared to those designed for everyday use. They will be more useful for travel trips or outings.

HappyWheels Travel Chair Portable Wheelchair

Heavy duty wheelchairs

  • Designed to support heavier users

  • Extra-wide 20" seat width (standard wheelchair width size is typically 18")

  • Higher weight capacity of up to 205 kg

Reclining and Tilt-In Space

  • For users who require a greater amount of upper body support and reclining functions


  • For users who are unable to walk, but have good hand control and wish to move about independently

  • To book a viewing appointment, Call/WhatsApp The Golden Concepts at +65-8657-1657

3. Warranty

Before purchasing, find out from the seller if there is a warranty on the wheelchair

  • All of the products from The Golden Concepts come with 1 year warranty of manufacturer's defect

  • Read more about their warranty policy here

4. Maintenance and repair

To ensure the durability and safety of your wheelchair, it is recommended to perform simple maintenance from time to time

  • The wheelchairs from The Golden Concepts include a small toolkit for simple maintenance

Remember to find out the cost of repair service and replacement parts prior to purchasing your wheelchairs as repair may be costly.

  • At The Golden Concepts, their repair services and the cost of replacement parts are clearly listed on their website


About the author

The Golden Concepts is an e-commerce store that curates eldercare products to enable ageing well. They believe that mobility is key to ageing well. By maximising mobility, seniors will be able to continue to be fully engaged in their communities and enjoy a high quality of life.

They understand that the role of caregivers is an extremely important one, and they strive to provide customised solutions that best suit your needs.

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