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How Much Does Wheelchair Transport Cost in Singapore?

For our elderly relatives who are wheelchair-bound, it can sometimes be inconvenient and tiring to fetch them from one place to another by public transport. Many caregivers may be keen to make private transport bookings for their elderly relatives but are unsure of which wheelchair-accessible transport provider to go to.

Here is a comparison of the services and pricing of the 3 leading companies in Singapore that specialise in wheelchair-accessible transport – Silveray, Caring Fleet and SilverFleet:


1. Website

Caring Fleet:



2. Do their vehicles have hydraulic lifts?

Caring Fleet: Yes, all.

Silveray: Yes, all.

SilverFleet:Yes, all.

3. One-Way Transfer Rate

Caring Fleet: $40-$50 depending on distance + 3rd/4th caregiver ($10 per head per way)

Silveray:Basic $35 + Distance ($5-15) + 2nd/3rd/4th caregiver ($5 per head per way)

SilverFleet:$48 + Max 2-3 caregivers with no additional charge

4. Distance Surcharge

Caring Fleet: Depends on distance

Silveray:Between 10-15km: +$5, between 15-20km: +$10, >20km: +$15

SilverFleet:No distance surcharge

5. Peak Hour Surcharge

Caring Fleet: No peak hour surcharge, +$20 before / after office hours

Silveray:+$5-10 during peak hours, AM Peak: 6.30am – 9am. PM Peak: 4pm – 6pm

SilverFleet:NA, +$7 before / after office hours

6. Surcharge for immediate / urgent requests

Caring Fleet: Do not accept last minute request

Silveray:+$5-10, subject to availability

SilverFleet:+$12 for bookings made within 60 mins of the trip, subject to vehicle availability

7. Advanced booking to ensure vehicle availability

Caring Fleet: 2 days

Silveray:1-2 days

SilverFleet:1 day

8. Additional cost for 2nd wheelchair passenger

Caring Fleet: Double the price

Silveray:Pick up and drop off from same location -> 2nd passenger half price


9. Does the wheelchair passenger need to share vehicle (with other unrelated passengers)?

Caring Fleet: All bookings will be shared ride unless vehicle is chartered. Hourly chartered price: $50 (Min 4 hours)

Silveray:99% no need to share

SilverFleet:No need to share

10. Max no. of accompanying passengers

Caring Fleet: 1-2 caregiver per wheelchair passenger, subjected to seating capacity

Silveray:4-7 depending on number of wheelchair passengers

SilverFleet:2-3 caregivers

11. Hotline for bookings

Caring Fleet: 6281 8118

Silveray:9384 5566

SilverFleet:6460 9388


Which provider is most suitable for you? It really depends! Key factors are number of passengers (both in wheelchair and ambulant), travel distance, trip timing, preference for own or shared vehicle, how much advance booking is made, availability of vehicles, etc. As you can see in the table above, each provider has its own pros and cons.

Feel free to share your experience with other caregivers if you have made transport bookings with any wheelchair-accessible transport providers in Singapore. Click here to share your experience on our forum.

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