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4 Benefits of Music to Improve Your Loved Ones’ Quality of Life

The power of music can be astronomical.

Music comes in many styles and has a significant effect on one’s mood very quickly. Not only does music evoke a wide range of emotions, from happiness to excitement, it can help improve overall mental and physical health.

The main benefits of music include:

1. Memory enhancement

To some, music can act as a comfort. According to research, older adults are able to perform better on memory and processing tasks while listening to classical music.

When your loved one is having trouble recalling recent events, music may help him/her retrieve older memories as he/she find meaning in songs.

2. Reducing of stress

Listening to music can also help improves overall health by enhancing relaxation and allowing a better night of sleep. For example, playing sleep inducing music such as nature sounds will help to calm your loved one’s mind, falling asleep easier.

3. Greater happiness

Music has the capability to evoke strong positive emotions which helps to elevate one’s mood. By listening to music, “feel good” hormones such as dopamine and endorphins are released.

Hence, helping to induce happy moods and emotions for temporary relieve of pain. While music is not a cure for depression, it can offer your loved one short term benefits by improving their overall mood.

4. Encourages exercise

Seniors of all ages can definitely benefit from an increase in movement to help improve and maintain their muscle strength, flexibility, heart health and their overall body health. Music has beats and rhythm that can provide motivation for physical exercises such as walking, running and even dancing. This helps to maintain their independence and restore function that may be lost due to illnesses or injuries.

All in all, your loved ones can gain many benefits from music, promoting overall mental and physical health. Try to select music that is enjoyable and consistent with the mood you would like to encourage. For instance, playing an upbeat song can help elicit positive memories while a calming song can help to encourage better sleep.

Although music is not a cure for any health condition, it can also be an enjoyable yet effective method for reducing symptoms of various conditions such as depression and anxiety.

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